The Archero is a stunning game for a new generation, and millions of online players are active on it. It is suitable for android device only. The gameplay is based on the action archer matches, and there are various levels for more enjoyments. If you are interested in the game, then you can download it by the android store or official game website. It is handy for all the players, and anyone can improve their skills by adding new equipment.

For each customization, we need enough amount of currency, and The Archero Cheats 2019 is the most selective way for currency. The cheats are free to use, and it is a quick method for it. In the game, 3 unique currencies are used namely gems, coins, and energy. We are giving useful info regarding them.


Gems are the currency of it, and they are not easy to get. Such gems are used for leveling up in the storyline. Lucky spin is best for it, and a high amount of it may reflect the performance of the players.


Coins are for upgrading things, and the players can increase the characters skills. By spending it, the players can recover many aspects like damages, health, attacking speed, and many more.


Energy is most concerning currency because it can revive the players in many stages. The players need five energy points to get a high ranking, and you will perform well by getting it.

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