All you need to know about Industrial Central VAC System

Various studies have proved that indoor air pollution is very harmful for health. Industrial central VAC system is very much essential in the industries because there is lot of dust in the industries which can cause respiratory problems to workers. Today almost all the industries install a VAC system. As the global warming is increasing day by day it made compulsory to install or set up a central vacuum system because it creates lot of dust and dirt in industries. Industries also require a bigger central vacuum system.

Meaning of Central Vacuum System

It is cleaning system which is built under the industry or within the industry and the main output is connected with the garbage, utility room, and basement. The industries which are newly setup are all having a central vacuum system in built whereas some of the industries are there which do not have VAC system should not worry because it’s easy to install a new VAC system.

The most difficult part is finding the right vacuum and it depends on your needs and mainly on the size of the industry. Various giants in installing central VAC system are Drainvac, NuTone, Purvac, Canavac and Electrolux. These companies use the best material and give an improved design, convenience, more power and ensure good quality of air in surroundings. These types of VAC system are friendly with nature and use low consumption machines.

Features of Central VAC system

Central VAC system has grown so fast because they are very useful and functional machines. They are very famous among general public and builders. There are many interesting feature which will make sure that you will install a VAC system.

  • Reduced noise pollution: The traditional and standard vacuum cleaners cause so much of noise where central VAC system does not create much sound they are very much silent. There was a time when you have to use ear plug while using vacuum cleaner but now motors of central vacuum cleaner are quieter and the main reason of less noise is they are situated away from the work area.
  • Versatility: The central vacuum system is very much versatile and easy to use. It will clean every corner of your industry or house. The main feature is that you don’t have to bend down while using it because there are various nodes in every part of the industry which clean the dust.
  • Deep cleaning: The motor of central VAC is ten times stronger than the motors of traditional and hand-held vacuums. So, VAC ensures that it deep cleans every tough corner of carpets and in addition it also cleans pollens, pet dander, and allergy particles.

It always plays an important role in keeping all the workers healthy. When the air is so much fresher and healthier it can name as deeper cleaning.

  • HEPA: The air filtration provided by the best central VAC system is known as HEPA air filtration. It stands for High Efficiency particulate removing and it has been made by the US Atomic Energy Commission. According to a research it keeps the air 99.96% pure which keeps everyone healthy.
  • Value addition: Having a VAC system will increase the market value of your property. Because a VAC system costs higher then it will give you benefits when your sale that property. All the vacuum system which good quality have long life and are very much durable.


So, these are the features which made vacuum very famous across the world. This is the new way of cleaning and removing the dust which keeps everyone healthy. Hope that this information was helpful for you.

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