We have heard about marvel comics which are mostly liked by every teenager. Through this, the Kabam has developed a game for iOS and Android platform known as Marvel Contest of Champions. It is an action game that a player always likes to play. The players have the choice for selecting the character and make a battle. Most of the time player may not understand the aspect of villains and heroes because they create some confusion. Through this, you need to make it clear before playing.


As per for playing aspects the player needs to collect the currencies. The currencies play an essential role in buying some equipment for battle. The currencies are:

·         Crystal

·         Gold

·         Units

How to get these currencies?

There are different aspects for collecting the currencies. These are:

Complete the task

In each game, the currencies are divided into several tasks. As a player, your primary motive is to complete the task and gain some gold and units. For gaining the crystal, the gamer needs to complete the very typical challenge.

Take part in tournament matches

The players need to participate in some tournament for gaining some currencies. When they take participate in some competitions, there is no need to win the matches. Through this, one can make the gold easily.

Thus, these are some main aspects that you need to know for collecting the currencies. Make sure that you need to play the game for gaining some currencies to play the game effectively.

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